General Information for Nomination

1What is nomination?
As the property is expressed as sold to the Purchaser "and/or Nominee" (or words of like effect) then pursuant to the conditions of the contract the Purchaser nominates the Nominee as substitute purchaser to take a transfer or conveyance in lieu of the Purchaser.
2Who is Purchaser?
"Purchaser" includes any person from time to time deriving an interest under a Contract of Sale.
3Who is Nominee?
"Nominee" means the person to whom the Contract of Sale is nominated.
4Is nomination legal?
Yes, nomination is legal. There will be certain limitations stated in Contract of Sale.
5Is it legal to Purchase nomination with a higher price than Contract price?
Purchaser cannot make any profit from the nomination. However, he/she can claim recoveries for some reasonable costs (such as: traveling cost, legal fees).
6To whom shall I send my documentations?
Smart Listing will assist you during the entire nomination process. For more detail information, please contact us
Eddie Xu: 0406 406 663
Leo Lin: 0452 478 066 .
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